We help you develop impactful research articles, reviews and commentaries, as well as grant applications that have a maximum chance of success.

Competition for funding is fierce, and space in scientific journals is limited. In this context, how could you maximize your chances of getting funded? How might your scientific paper stand out among the two million or so published every year? And what makes for a policy-relevant and influential commentary?

We can help at every step along the way – from concept to fulfilment. Our editorial support on grant applications, research articles, reviews and commentaries, and reports seeks to craft clear, coherent and compelling messages. You can choose from a range of services that include framing and pitching, in-depth feedback, different types of editing, and help with navigating editorial processes.

At present, we are able to handle assignments from life science/biomedical science, physics and the fields of climate/environmental change and sustainability.


Research articles and grants


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Grant applications

We support you in developing grant applications that have a maximum chance of success.

Research articles

We provide a range of editorial services to help you develop and publish impactful research articles.

Reviews & commentaries

We help shape reviews and opinion pieces that can make a lasting impact on science or policy.

Case studies

Scientific Writing lab journals

Editorial support: recently published articles

15th May 2019

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Editorial support: applications for funding from the Swedish Research Council (VR)

30th April 2019

Protein research

Center for Protein Research: maximizing the impact of research

6th September 2017

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“Elevate Scientific has helped us prepare Horizon2020 applications and research papers. They are highly efficient and professional and strive to get a deep understanding of the subject. I highly recommend researchers at all levels to use their services for important applications and papers.”

A. Rosengren, MD, PhD, Head of the Translational Diabetes Research groupLund University Diabetes Centre

“Elevate Scientific’s professional advice and hands-on editing help with submissions of manuscripts to high-impact journals and of important, major grant proposals has been of great value to us and has helped us increase the quality of our submissions considerably.”

H. Linke, ProfessorNanoLund, Lund University

“I am convinced that inputs provided by Elevate Scientific were of major importance for our success in achieving a large project grant from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation as well as publishing in high impact journals like PLoS Genetics and ISME Journal. I strongly recommend their services.”

A. Tunlid, ProfessorDivision of Microbial Ecology, Lund University

“I am convinced that the input from Elevate improved and increased the impact of our application to fund the Centre for Antibiotic Resistance Research, and I particularly appreciated the structural input and guidance in the writing. Hence, I would highly recommend Elevate Scientific.”

J. Larsson, Professor, Director of CAReDepartment of Infectious Diseases, Sahlgrenska Academy

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Effective strategies for communicating your research.


End-to-end development of science-communication solutions.


Research and funding strategies, facilitating collaborations.

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