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We help you frame and develop funding applications to maximize your chances for success. Our expertise covers national, European and private funders.


Using our PAOITM framing method we help you identify the purpose, objectives, context, novelty, significance, impact, ground-breaking and high-risk/high-gain nature (where applicable), and feasibility of your planned research.

Feedback and guidance

We provide detailed feedback on your application's content and narrative, alert you on shortcomings related to the funder’s evaluation criteria, and provide you with detailed guidance on how to strengthen the application.

Substantive editing

We edit your proposal in depth to sharpen the narrative and improve overall structure and flow so that reviewers can quickly grasp the essence of the research you wish to carry out, why it is needed and important, how you will do it and to what extent it is feasible, and why you and your institution(s) would be best placed to carry it out.

Interview preparation

We prepare you for high-stakes interviews, e.g. the latter steps in ERC-evaluations, by helping to sharp the narrative and visuals of your presentation, preparing you for the Q&A, and coaching you in live dry-runs to ensure you are prepared on the day.
Funding we have helped secure (million Euro)

Examples of funders we helped secure funding from.

Physical sciences and engineering area

Alexandra Teleki

Assistant Professor, Uppsala University, Sweden
ERC Consolidator Grant funded by 2 million Euro

“For the ERC interview, I knew that I was up to a panel of scientists with broad backgrounds and with a limited interview time given (15 minutes) to convince them to fund my project. Therefore, I contacted Elevate Scientific early on as a key step in preparation for the interview. They helped me frame and develop my 2 minute pitch presentation. It was crucial to clearly and concisely give an overview of my project, the key challenges that I would tackle and the novelty that it brings. Dan helped me to take a “step back” and view my project from the angle of the ERC panelists. We then proceeded to a mock interview session. This was scheduled well ahead of the actual interview, which helped me to early on reflect on and improve my answers and to get accustomed to the virtual setting of the interview. Overall, this highly professional training was key in securing the ERC CoG grant, evident also from the feedback given by the panel: “The panel was very impressed by the PI’s performance during the interview and her ability to clearly and succinctly respond to all the questions posed by the panel members.”

Medicine and Health area

Johan Rockström

Professor and Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany
ERC Advanced Grant funded by 2.5 million Euro

“Elevate helped us in preparing a major funding proposal for a five-year, policy-oriented sustainability science research program. They helped us to decide on our focal messages, structure the proposal to support that clear focus, and helped immensely with sharpening the text itself, getting rid of jargon and keeping the narrative flow. The proposal was funded (€2.5M), with very positive review comments.

I would certainly recommend the Elevate team – they have such a strategic perspective on the whole scientific process, with experience and insight that goes well beyond ‘just’ science communication. They helped us see our documents with fresh eyes, a vital process in making the whole proposal a vibrant research plan.”