We help produce impactful annual reports, self-evaluations, strategy documents and syntheses.


We help frame messages and develop editorial and creative concepts that are adapted to your target audience.


We provide on-going feedback and guidance on editorial and creative issues throughout the entire process, e.g. advising on the writing process, gathering, analysing and synthesizing data, and developing visuals.


We provide substantive (also called developmental) editing and copy (also called language) editing at different points in the process, to ensure that your documents have a clear, complete, concise, coherent and compelling narrative.


We offer the full spectrum of design and production services including developing graphical profiles, graphics and illustrations, picture research and editing, layout and proofing, print production.

“Elevate Scientific worked with us to develop a key document, thanks to which we successfully passed a precedential midterm review and secured a highly competitive core funding from the top Danish research-oriented foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation.”

Prof. Jiri Lukas, Executive Director, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, Denmark

End-to-end support on CPR’s 2018 Self-evaluation and strategy reports.
We supported with: 1) framing, editorial and creative concept, 2) substantive editing and feedback, 3) design and illustration, 4) copyediting, 5) layout and proofing, 6) print production.