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Our mission is to help researchers, institutions and companies to maximize the impact of their research. Our vision is to harness scientific research, communication and engagement to help shape the response to today’s major scientific and societal challenges.


Dan Csontos, PhD
Editorial Director and Founder

Since founding Elevate Scientific in 2012, Dan has directed all of its activities: i) framing and facilitating of large research initiatives, ii) supporting in developing applications for national, EU, and private funding for individual, team, and center/cluster research projects and initiatives, iii) developing and publishing high-quality research papers in the world’s best journals, and iv) developing science communications for diverse purposes, formats, and target audiences.

Based on these experiences, Dan has in parallel, and continually, developed and delivered essential transferable-skills trainings to researchers around the world through Elevate Scientific’s sister company – Elevate Scientific Academy.

Prior to founding Elevate Scientific, Dan was a scientist (he holds a PhD in physics from Lund University), an editor with the international journals Nature and Nature Physics, and a freelance science writer and editor.