We offer best-in-class trainings in grant writing, scientific writing and publishing, and various aspects of science communications, through our sister company, Elevate Scientific Academy. Our aim is to empower researchers and institutions by imparting key skills and strategies that enable academics to excel in academia and beyond.


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Our trainings are offered as live seminars or workshops,

and as on-demand, self-paced e-courses.

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Research collaborations

Frame, co-design and plan inclusive and effective research collaborations.

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Grant writing

Frame and write successful applications for national, EU and private funding.

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Scientific writing and publishing

Plan, frame, write and publish, impactful scientific papers.

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Presentation techniques

Develop and deliver clear, accurate and compelling science stories.

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Science communication

Frame, pitch and write news, press releases and opinion pieces.

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I was awarded a one to one grant writing coaching session with Elevate Scientific in a gender-equality initiative at Lund University. I just wanted to state what an incredible difference it made to my career by enabling me to successfully apply for and receive several grants.

E. Malmqvist, Associate ProfessorLund University

This e-course is all you need to know about the writing and publishing process in a nutshell. Materials are of great quality, both videos and reading materials. It’s easy to follow and includes practical assignments with a key to how to approach each one. I would highly recommend trying it out.

PhD StudentUniversity of Helsinki

Probably the best scientific writing course in the world.

H. Olin, ProfessorMid Sweden University

A very useful workshop. Put reason behind good intention and identified ways to avoid bad practice.

U. Zülicke, Professor Victoria University of Wellington

Never a dull moment, concentrated, intensive, and highly useful.

Associate ProfessorNovo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research