We helped develop an application for funding for a new interdisciplinary centre, focusing on research on antibiotic resistance, at the University of Gothenburg.

Our brief

To support the development of a major, multi-stakeholder, interdisciplinary application for funding to establish a new centre on antibiotic resistance at the University of Gothenburg (UGOT).

What we did

Detailed editorial guidance and feedback, and substantive editing on a large application document.


Prof. Joakim Larsson (Director, Department of Infectious Diseases, Sahlgrenska Academy) coordinated the efforts to form this centre and the writing of this major application.


The application was one of only six successful applications out of more than 100 submitted applications. SEK 50 million (approximately 5 MEUR) were awarded to form a new centre entitled CARe – Center for Antibiotic Resistance at UGOT.

There is an increasing emphasis on interdisciplinary research efforts to tackle major societal challenges. Funders, NGOs, research institutions and other stakeholders are all contributing to such efforts. In 2015, UGOT invited ambitious applications to create interdisciplinary research centres that could tackle global societal challenges. The university allocated 300 MSEK for this UGOT Challenges initiative.

Prof. Joakim Larsson at UGOT requested our help with developing a collaborative application for funding for a new centre on antibiotic resistance. The co-applicants hailed from six different faculties at UGOT:

  • Sahlgrenska Academy
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
  • Faculty of Arts (and Humanities)
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Education

Writing applications that are large in scope (with respect to time, funding and organization) is difficult. Writing applications that span so many areas of research is even more so. The challenge that Joakim faced was to weave the many inputs he received into a coherent application.

We provided the full span of our editorial support services to help confront this challenge. Specifically, we worked with Joakim closely to:

  • provide detailed feedback on the initial application drafts to identify key issues with the focus, context, narrative and approach
  • provide guidance for revising specific sections of the application to ensure that they were clear, complete, coherent and compelling
  • edit substantively to ensure that the novelty, feasibility, significance and impact of the proposed research were clear

The application was one of only six successful applications out of more than 100 submitted applications. 50 million SEK (more than 5 million EUR) were awarded to fund the establishment and running (2016-2022) of CARe – a new Center on Antibiotic Resistance.

How the project was received

“Elevate provided input to a major interdisciplinary application I wrote together with about 30 colleagues at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The application was in response to an internal call for proposals to fund interdisciplinary centers that would tackle “global societal challenges”. Our vision, and the focus of the application, was to create a “Centre for antibiotic resistance research”. The funding call attracted almost 100 application teams. Our centre was one out of six centres funded by the university, with about 5 million Euro each. I am convinced that the input from Elevate improved and increased the impact of our application, and I particularly appreciated the structural input and guidance in the writing. Hence, I would highly recommend Elevate scientific.”

J. Larsson, Professor, Director, Department of Infectious Diseases (Sahlgrenska Academy)