We help you develop impactful research articles, reviews and commentaries, as well as grant applications that have a maximum chance of success.

Types of manuscripts

Grant applications, research articles and opinion pieces.


Framing the research; detailed feedback on content and writing; and in-depth editing to improve the narrative, structure and flow.


Life/biomedical science; climate/environmental change and sustainability; and physics.
Research articles and grants
Funding we have helped secure (million Euro)

“Elevate Scientific has helped us prepare Horizon2020 applications and research papers. They are highly efficient and professional and strive to get a deep understanding of the subject. I highly recommend researchers at all levels to use their services for important applications and papers.”

– A. Rosengren, MD, PhD, Head of the Translational Diabetes Research group, Lund University Diabetes Centre

Research articles

Original research paper, reviews

Grant applications

National (e.g. VR, NIH), European (e.g. ERC, H2020) and private funders (e.g. KAW, NNF)
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