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We help you to frame, develop and publish impactful research papers.

Editorial assessment and feedback

We review your paper critically, from an editorial perspective, and assess and provide feedback on content and presentation, as well as journal suitability. This includes advising on whether the paper has a strong, central message, presents a coherent narrative, is well organized, provides adequate context, highlights the significance, and contains evidence for all the claims made within.

Substantive editing

We edit your article in depth to sharpen its narrative and improve its overall structure and flow. This includes improving narrative structure, clarity and readability, removing repetition, introducing or revising headings and subheadings, identifying gaps and suggesting additional text and display items.

Other services

We also help to develop informative cover letters for submission, and interpret editorial decisions and draft responses to the editor and reviewers.
Research papers we provided
editorial support on

Examples of journals that papers we helped develop were published in.

Sustainability science area

Kimberly Nicholas

Associate Professor of Sustainability Science, Lund University Centre for Sustainability Studies (LUCSUS), Sweden
We provided editorial support on a paper that was published in PNAS.

“Elevate provided us with a very helpful overview of a draft manuscript (like a review from a thoughtful and constructive reviewer) as well as line-by-line commentary in the text. We had struggled with the framing of our paper, and the comments helped us find a clear way forward. I think the input from Elevate helped us achieve a smooth review process and eventual acceptance, and was particularly useful as a learning exercise for the early-career first author of the paper.”

Medicine and Health area

Guillermo Montoya

Professor and Research Director, The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (CPR), Copenhagen, Denmark
We supported in the development of papers that have been published in Nature, Cell, Molecular Cell, Nature Communications and Nature Structural and Molecular Biology

“Sometimes, when I write a manuscript, I am so deep into the topic that I can miss perspective. Elevate provide the perspective of an editor. Because they have not been involved in the study, their comments allow me to gauge how a non-specialist can or cannot follow the story. I would certainly recommend Elevate Scientific: their professionalism and their ability to help express some of the ideas are a great extra and improve how our work is conveyed. If people understand what you are talking about, they usually tend to value the work more.”

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