Scientific writing and publishing with impact

In this four-module, interactive workshop Dan and Ninad teach powerful principles and strategies to plan, write, edit, submit and publish impactful scientific papers.
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Crafting a scientific story that makes an impact

We first explore what impact is and how it can be made and measured, following which we underscore the importance of context and story-telling. Using lessons from neuroscience and drama theory, we elaborate on the components and structure of an engaging story.

Elements of a great paper

Using the insights from module one, we discuss effective ways of organizing and writing the individual sections of a scientific paper. These principles ensure that readers can grasp your research quickly and find it meaningful. We then illustrate these principles with many real-world examples of best practices and common pitfalls.

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Writing with structure and flow

We teach effective writing principles to achieve coherence and flow at the sentence, paragraph and section levels. This helps improve the clarity and readability of the paper.

From lab to journal

We discuss all steps leading to the publication of a scientific paper, ranging from planning the research to choosing a journal and navigating the editorial and review processes. We also dispel common myths with a view to demystifying editorial decision-making, particularly at the high-impact journals.

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“The workshop is a must for supervisors working with PhD students’ manuscripts. Now I have a strategy to provide structured feedback.”

G. Malm, Associate ProfessorKTH Royal Institute of Technology

“Thanks so much for such a great workshop, I learned an incredible amount and wish all of our PhD students and staff took this course early on in their career!”

A. Antonelli, Associate ProfessorUniversity of Gothenburg

“The speaker has practical experience with research, reviewing, editing, which makes the course excellent and trustworthy.”

H. Zirath, ProfessorChalmers University of Technology

“Very informative and useful, I should have taken such training a long time ago!”

K. Neelsen, Postdoctoral researcherThe Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Protein Research

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