Story to stage: Presentation techniques for scientists

In this workshop Cara, Nellie, and Dan provide knowledge and strategies to communicate research effectively, both orally and visually, to make a lasting impression on audiences. The workshop is highly interactive, with exercises and the opportunity to present.
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We draw on lessons from neuroscience and drama theory to underscore why stories are vital in science communication. We teach you a step-by-step approach to develop compelling and accurate stories that make an impact on the intended audience.


You don’t need to be a designer to create beautiful presentations. In this module, you will learn how to use colour, type, image, hierarchy and layout to create a coherent, clear and captivating visual narrative.

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This module teaches effective delivery techniques that help overcome public-speaking anxiety and enhance the impact of your presentation. We focus on developing authenticity, creating memorable moments and being attuned to verbal and non-verbal communication. We also emphasise the importance of practice and preparation.


In this final module, exercises allow you to apply the principles we teach to your own work. You will have the opportunity to present and get feedback from your peers and from us. You will also receive a recorded version of your presentation.

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“In two days I've learned how to improve the quality of my presentation, starting from the story planning to design, and how to handle public speaking anxiety.”

PhD studentLund University

“The small size of the allowed participants provides a safe environment to practice and improve your presentation skills. The workshop leaders gave very valuable input on how to structure interesting presentations and focus on what is important. Very good!”

PhD studentLund University

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