We help you identify new research opportunities, create synergies and collaborative projects, and develop funding strategies to enhance the impact of your research endeavours.

The context in which research institutions and companies operate is changing rapidly: there is a greater emphasis on the co-production of knowledge and an increased demand for sustainability and transparency. How can multiple disciplines help to chart new research paths and address societal challenges? How have various stakeholders responded to new technologies in the past and what lessons does that offer for the future? Academia and business have a wealth of expertise to answer such questions, but sometimes it helps to have external advice and support.

We bring extensive research and communication experience along with the ability to look at the big picture without losing sight of the detail. We can help you negotiate the changing context by facilitating the development of ideas and strategies, and by producing in-depth analyses and syntheses.

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Case studies

Abstract hexagon report cover

DanStem: self-evaluation and strategy documents

11th April 2019

Abstract hexagon report cover

DanStem: creative concepts and design

11th April 2019

Protein research

Center for Protein Research: maximizing the impact of research

6th September 2017

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Effective strategies for communicating your research.


Support on grant applications and research manuscripts.


End-to-end development of science-communication solutions.

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