We help plan and produce effective science-communication solutions that make an impact on your target audiences.

Engagement with diverse stakeholders is essential to achieving impact. To that end, we help research groups and institutes develop high-end science-communication solutions that are tailored for specific audiences. The outputs include communication strategies and institutional branding; annual reports; self-evaluation reports and strategy documents; and press releases and infographics.

We provide end-to-end support that spans the strategic, editorial and creative dimensions of communications projects. We help with planning, writing and editing, illustration and design, and production.

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We help produce impactful annual reports, self-evaluations, strategy documents and syntheses.


We help create accurate and compelling scientific presentations that are tailored for different audiences.

Case studies

Protein research

Center for Protein Research: maximizing the impact of research

6th September 2017

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Center for Healthy Aging: self-evaluation and strategy development

3rd September 2017

Framing and communicating CPR’s impact multiple dot banner image

Center for Protein Research: framing and communicating research impact

1st September 2017

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Other services


Effective strategies for communicating your research.


Support on grant applications and research manuscripts.


Research and funding strategies, facilitating collaborations.

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