We were asked to deliver a workshop to a national network of PhD students (and their supervisors) within LIGHTer, a Swedish research and innovation framework on the topic of lightweight materials. The network is funded by VINNOVA, Sweden’s Innovation Agency. The aim was to provide the researchers with insights and strategies on planning, writing and publishing impactful scientific papers, specifically focusing on lightweight materials research. To that end, we were asked to illustrate the best-practice principles we teach in our workshop using research papers in the lightweight materials field.


LIGHTer – a VINNOVA-funded PhD network


We delivered a 1-day workshop in Stockholm that was attended by PhD students (and some of their supervisors) affiliated with LIGHTer from all over Sweden.

We adapted our workshop on scientific writing and publishing for an audience of researchers in light-weight materials research.



We adapted our standard 1-day, interactive workshop on Scientific Writing and Publishing with Impact for the LIGHTer PhD network. In advance of the workshop, we reviewed and analysed sample research papers written by researchers in the LIGHTer network. We then incorporated relevant excerpts from these papers in the workshop material to illustrate best-practice principles we teach and to discuss tips for further improvement.

How the project was received

“This has been a game-changing experience! Now I really enjoy writing.”

M. Fagerström, ProfessorChalmers Institute of Technology

“Very interesting and useful. Very clear structure and a very inspirational course, I recommend everyone to take it.”

PhD studentLIGHTer network