CEHA at the University of Copenhagen approached us in advance of an on-site evaluation by an international scientific panel. Specifically, CEHA wanted our help to review its past achievements, strengthen its institutional story and present this in two documents that mapped the past and future of the Center.


Center for Healthy Aging (CEHA), University of Copenhagen


A coherent institutional story along with a comprehensive self-evaluation report and a strategy document (50 and 20 pages, respectively, excluding covers). CEHA informed us about a successful site visit and a positive evaluation.

We helped strengthen the Center for Healthy Aging’s (CEHA) institutional story and develop self-evaluation and strategy documents in advance of the Center’s evaluation by an international scientific panel.



Facilitation and institutional story
We first reviewed and analysed CEHA’s annual reports and other documents that provided an overview of the Center’s history and achievements. With this understanding, we prepared and moderated an on-site facilitation workshop with the Center’s management and key academic and communications staff. This workshop helped identify and further strengthen CEHA’s story, vision, mission, uniqueness and key achievements. We used the insights from this workshop to develop a document that captured the essential components of CEHA’s institutional identity.

Self-evaluation and strategy documents
Drawing on the facilitation workshop and follow-up work, we helped CEHA to develop a comprehensive self-evaluation report and a strategy document that were to be the basis of the Center’s evaluation in 2017. This work included:

  • Developing the editorial and design concepts for the documents to be drafted by multiple CEHA staff
  • Editorial feedback on and substantive editing of the text from CEHA to ensure clarity, coherence and consistency in the narrative
  • Developing illustrations and design of graphics
  • Copyediting
  • Layout of text and graphics using the creative framework we developed, and cover design
  • Proof-reading and print production
  • Printing

How the project was received

“We worked closely with Elevate Scientific developing crucial background documents for our international scientific site visit: A self-evaluation report and a strategy document. ES helped us in focusing and shaping the material in a very professional way from start to end. Their highly qualified assistance covered all aspects, which we found very useful and practical (writing guidelines; feedback on content, style and consistency; layout; development of figures, tables, etc.; proofreading). We warmly recommend ES - and have already recommended their services to other institutes at our university, as well as abroad (Oslo University). We find it unique that ES combines scientific competences from different research fields and at the same time are communication experts at a very high level.”

L. Juel Rasmussen, Professor, Managing DirectorCenter for Healthy Aging (University of Copenhagen)