The workshop was highly interactive, with ample time for exercises and discussions, and the opportunity to work on one’s own research paper.


Client brief

We were asked to deliver a high-end workshop to researchers affiliated with the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (NNF-CPR).

What we did

We delivered our standard 2-day workshop on Scientific writing and publishing with impact. The format allows ample time for exercises, discussions and the opportunity to work and reflect on one’s own paper. Each participant was requested to bring along a copy of a paper that was to be submitted or had already published. In addition, each participant sent us, prior to the workshop, an abstract they had written. We reviewed and analysed each abstract, edited it substantively and provided in-depth feedback on its content and presentation. The feedback and the edited abstracts were presented to the participants at the workshop. This way, the participants learned best-practice strategies, practiced them during the workshop and received ample feedback, both from their peers during the workshop and from us.


To deliver a high-end workshop on how to write and publish of impactful research articles


The Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Protein Research (NNF-CPR), University of Copenhagen


We delivered our 2-day workshop on “Scientific Writing and Publishing with Impact”, along with individual feedback.

How the project was received

“This was a great and very useful workshop, with a strong focus on the practical implications. Clear descriptions of the different aspects important for writing good papers, and excellent exercises for trying things out in practice”

C. Engel Thomas, PhD studentNovo Nordisk Center for Protein Research