Help to secure funding, publish impactful papers, communicate impact and training staff in various soft skills.


The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research (NNF-CPR), University of Copenhagen


Editorial support (grant applications, scientific papers and reviews), communications strategy and solutions, and workshops on scientific writing and publishing.

We have provided institutional support at multiple levels.


We are extremely grateful for our long-term collaboration with the Novo Nordisk Foundation Centre for Protein Research (NNF-CPR). Working with the Center is stimulating not only because of the breadth and depth of its research, but also because it is highly enjoyable. We look forward to continuing this collaboration in the years to come.

Prof. Jiri Lukas (Executive Director, NNF-CPR) describes our involvement below:

“From its very start, working with Elevate Scientific has been highly professional, in every way enjoyable, and – most importantly – extremely helpful. I am perfectly aware that by stating this, I am joining a long line of my research colleagues, who must have had the same experience. So, to illustrate and specify the reasons for my enthusiasm, I would like to share a few specific and more personal reflections, which I hope might be inspiring for future Elevate Scientific clients.

In addition to the multilayered communication support that is described elsewhere, the impact of Elevate Scientific on our Center was in fact much broader.

First, Elevate Scientific worked with us to develop a key document, thanks to which we successfully passed a precedential midterm review and secured a highly competitive core funding from the top Danish research-oriented foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Specifically, we not only managed to persuade the Foundation that their concept to launch highly ambitious centers of excellence is viable, but also to send a strong message to the world that even a small country with a vision and daring funding policy can make a difference.

"Elevate Scientific made me realize the power of incisive and targeted communication"

Second, our Center has an important educational mission by ‘growing scientists’ at all levels (graduate students, postdocs, junior group leaders). Some of them will remain in academia, but many also continue their careers in biotech industry. In either case, one of the key assets to succeed is their proficiency in scientific writing and presenting their research. Elevate Scientific has organized two hands-on workshops on scientific writing in CPR, which have been immensely popular, always oversubscribed, and always followed by an overwhelmingly positive feedback from the participants. Stimulated by this success, we will continue with the writing workshops and also host the scientific presentation workshop that is also provided by Elevate Scientific.

Third, CPR aspires to disseminate state-of-the-art protein technologies, and by doing so we aim at connecting basic and translational research in Denmark in an unprecedented way. Among the most prominent recent examples are clinical proteomics, and cryo-electron microscopy initiatives conceived and successfully implemented by CPR scientists. Both projects were again possible thanks to generous grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation, which were based on rigorous and peer-reviewed applications. Elevate Scientific was yet again instrumental for us to communicate our strategic visions to leading scientists who overwhelmingly endorsed these initiatives, and send a strong message to the public explaining how the new initiatives translate into societal benefits.

From a more personal note, Elevate Scientific made me realize the power of incisive and targeted communication, and how much I still have to learn in this regard. Specifically, they taught me that good communication is never a given or complete ability; instead, it always evolves – like good science, which also is a constant approximation of knowledge about how nature works. This clearly reflects the strong scientific background of the Elevate Scientific staff led by its founder, Dan Csontos, and their ability to combine detailed insight into a given area of science with a very broad knowledge of funding and editorial policies. In addition, they have excellent sense for the receiving end of a given communication, and what needs to be done to get the message across. By guiding me in how to best communicate specific (often very specialized) research findings to a broader audience, Elevate Scientific made me discover facets of our work that otherwise could have stayed concealed, and thus literally helped me become a better scientist. I am extremely grateful for this eye-opening experience.“