NNF-CPR approached us with a request to help with: 1) communicating the high-quality research produced by the Center to a broad audience, 2) developing a structured and unified approach to producing material for annual reports and self-evaluation reports, and 3) strengthen its brand.


The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen


Communications strategy, master presentation, revised website and the 2015 annual report.

We analysed communications needs of the Novo Nordisk Foundation’s Center for Protein Research (NNF-CPR) and helped shape its institutional story. We also supported the development of the Center’s communications strategy, the 2015 annual report, a master presentation and the website.



Communications strategy
We first reviewed and analysed NNF-CPR’s existing communications and helped identify:

  • The target audiences that NNF-CPR wanted to reach
  • The key messages it wanted to convey
  • The rationale for the communications and the responses it desired to elicit
  • Suitable channels for the planned communications

We also brainstormed actively to tease out the key components of the CPR story, which included its raison d’être, mission, vision, uniqueness and key achievements.

Annual report
We helped develop CPR’s 2015 annual report. This included:

  • Developing the editorial and design concept for the report
  • Editorial feedback and substantive editing of the text written by several staff at NNF-CPR (based on the editorial concept in step 1) to ensure clarity, coherence and consistency in the narrative
  • Developing illustrations and design of graphics, picture research and editing
  • Copyediting
  • Layout of text and graphics using the creative framework developed in step 1, and cover design
  • Proof-reading and print production
  • Printing

Master presentation
We helped develop a modular master presentation that could be adapted and used by NNF-CPR’s staff to present the Center to different audiences. This included NNF-CPR’s history, mission, vision, uniqueness, organization, research areas, key achievements and impacts. To that end, our support entailed:

  • Developing an editorial and design concept for the presentation
  • Framing and development of the story, and adapting it for different audiences
  • Design and layout of the slides

We provided advice on how the center’s website could be revised to improve engagement with and impact on the target audiences. To that end, we:

  • Performed a full audit of the website
  • Provided detailed feedback on and suggested changes to site structure and navigation, content, and layout

How the project was received

“Working with Elevate Scientific has been highly professional, in every way enjoyable, and – most importantly – extremely helpful.”

J. Lukas, Professor, Executive DirectorNovo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research