We contributed to starting the LiU-CircM research network by facilitating the creation of collaborative research projects. We also provided training and and hands-on support for writing applications for funding from the Swedish Research Council and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.


Client brief

LiU-CircM is a strategic research network at Linköping University (LiU) and Region Östergötland. Its purpose is to stimulate and strengthen research within the area of circulation and cardiovascular metabolic risk factors to help prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases. The network includes scientists from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Technology at Linköping University, and from Region Östergötland.

We were approached by LiU-CircM with a request to contribute during the launch stage of the research network, in particular to help create synergies between scientists from various disciplines during the kick-off retreat. We were also asked to support the development of interdisciplinary, collaborative grants resulting from LiU-CircM activities.

What we did

We first contributed to the 2-day kick-off held by LiU-CircM, during which researchers affiliated with the network got to know each other, discussed their research interests and expertise, and identified potential collaborations. To that end we held a half-day brainstorming workshop, during which we facilitated idea generation via moderated break-out sessions. We then synthesized and reported the results to identify collaborative themes that would be followed up on at a subsequent meeting.

We also delivered a 3-hr seminar entitled How to make an impact with your research to provide an overview of the changing landscape of science policy, publishing and communications, and best-practices in research. We also highlighted key strategies for writing successful grant applications and impactful research articles.

Grant writing workshop
Following the kick-off meeting, we delivered our 1-day workshop on How to write successful grant applications to researchers affiliated with LiU-CircM.

Editorial support on grants
We also provided editorial support on applications for funding of collaborative projects within LiU-CircM. Specifically, we assisted in developing applications for funding from the Swedish Research Council and the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.


Help to identify, create and fund interdisciplinary research collaborations on the topic of circulation and cardiovascular metabolism


Linköping University and Region Östergötland


We facilitated the identification of possible collaborations. We also held a seminar on “How to make an impact with your research” and a workshop on “How to write successful grant applications”. Finally, we provided editorial support on selected collaborative grant applications.

How the project was received

“Elevate Scientific made important contributions during the startup phase of the Strategic Research Network in Circulation and Metabolism at Linköping University (LiU-CircM). Members of the network have highly appreciated the particular skills of Elevate Scientific regarding facilitation of meetings and workshops as well as grant writing support (both group-based and on individual basis). We will definitely continue to use their services.”

L. Jonasson, Professor of Cardiology, Chair of LiU-CircMDepartment of Medical and Health Sciences, Linköping University