A cross-disciplinary team of researchers from Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom came to us for help in preparing, submitting and publishing the findings from a study. The study proposed, realized and demonstrated a parallel computer that can solve complex combinatorial problems using concepts from biology and nanotechnology.


Lund University


The paper was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and was picked up widely by various media outlets, for example Phys.org, HPC Wire, ke-NEXT (in German) and Engineers Online (in Dutch).

We provided end-to-end editorial support on a paper reporting the realization of a parallel computer based on concepts from biology and nanotechnology.


We provided editorial support from initial draft to published paper. Specifically, we:

  • Provided the authors with feedback on the scientific content and presentation of the manuscript, and advised on journals that the manuscript could be suitable for.
  • Performed substantive editing.
  • Helped the authors draft the cover letter.
  • Provided post-submission support: we advised the authors on the editorial decisions and next steps. We provided feedback on and edited the revised versions of the manuscript, the rebuttal letters to the reviewers, and the response to the editor.