LiU CircM is a strategic research network for researchers at Linköping University and Region Östergötland, Sweden, focusing on circulation and cardio-metabolic risk factors. Since 2017, CirM has sought our support on select applications for funding from VR, spanning the areas of Medicine and Health and the Natural and Engineering Sciences.


We have offered a combination of two services – editorial assessment and substantive editing.

Editorial assessment
We offer detailed feedback on the application’s content and presentation; comment on the novelty, significance and feasibility of the proposed work; and comment on its adherence with the funder’s guidelines. Our assessment is guided by a template that we have developed based on the VR guidelines and our extensive experience. Our feedback and recommendations are delivered in the form of marginal comments within the manuscript and via an assessment report.

Substantive editing
We edit the application in depth with a view to improving its overall narrative, structure and flow. A substantive edit may involve, for example, changes to the application’s structure, reorganizing text to improve flow, identifying gaps and suggesting where new writing is necessary, and condensing text into summaries. All edits are tracked using Word’s functionality.

Medicine and Health area, 2018

Michelle Chew

Research project grant funded by 1.6 million SEK (approximately 150,000 Euro).

“Elevate Scientific was instrumental in helping us secure this grant. I appreciated the honest feedback, especially in regard to making the rationale and motivation for the work absolutely clear. I am convinced that their editing allowed the reviewers to very quickly put our application in an appropriate context, to precisely understand the question at hand and to understand the novelty and significance of our project. I am convinced that this has played a role for reviewers who have only limited time to go through each application.”

Natural and Engineering Sciences area, 2017

Petter Dyverfeldt

Research project grant funded with 3.84 million SEK (>350,000 Euro).

“Elevate’s feedback was very helpful, and I appreciated both the overarching editorial comments as well as more detailed in-text comments and edits. I would definitely recommend Elevate: they provided a well trained eye and reviewed the proposal critically. Moreover, they pointed out in a very comprehensive manner why, and often how, specific aspects should be revised in order to improve the clarity of the presentation and the overall quality of the proposal.”