Future Earth is a “major international research platform providing the knowledge and support to accelerate transformations to a sustainable world.” The coordinators of Future Earth Norway requested us to prepare and deliver a workshop on harnessing the power of media to communicate newsworthy research findings to a broad audience. The participants consisted of researchers from Norway and communications staff affiliated with the network.


The Norwegian branch of the research network Future Earth


An intensive and interactive workshop, delivered in Oslo, entitled “Communicating beyond the journals: media, news and press releases”.

We delivered an interactive workshop on understanding media and communicating research findings through clear, concise and compelling press releases.



We prepared an interactive workshop on communicating research findings beyond academic journals. Specifically, we introduced the media, its culture and its role in linking science and society. We also shared techniques for forging effective news stories and press releases.

How the project was received

“Elevate delivered an excellent workshop to a diverse audience of sustainability researchers wishing to improve their press release writing skills.”

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