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Elevate’s in-house and external teams combine their expertise in science communication, publishing and policy to help you maximize the relevance and impact of your research.

In-house team

Dan Csonstos CEO & Editorial Director at Elevate Scientific

Dan Csontos

CEO, Editorial Director

Dan is responsible for the management of Elevate, editorial and creative direction of science-communication solutions, framing of large research projects and proposals, and developing and delivering trainings. He has 20 years’ experience in academia, science communications and science consulting. Prior to founding Elevate, Dan was an editor with the international journals Nature and Nature Physics, and a science editor and project manager for Macmillan Science Communications. He holds a PhD in nanophysics from Lund University, Sweden.

Dan strongly believes that although science is essential to solving societal grand challenges, it needs to be communicated well if it is to have an impact.

“It’s a privilege and extremely rewarding to work with Elevate’s stellar team and clients to make a difference.”

Ninad Bondre Managing Editor at Elevate Scientific

Ninad Bondre

Managing Editor

Ninad is responsible for working with our clients to tailor, develop and produce high-impact science-communication solutions and syntheses, managing our editorial support services for grant proposals and research manuscripts, and contributing to our high-end trainings. Before joining Elevate, Ninad was a senior editor and advisor at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, where he worked at the interface of science and policy for an international programme on climate and environmental change. He is a former editor of the international journal Nature Geoscience. Ninad has a PhD in geology from Miami University (Ohio, USA).

Ninad is interested in everything under the sun, not only ours but also others in the universe.

“At Elevate, I can combine my background in science with my editorial and synthetic skills to manage and advise on diverse science-communication projects.“

Cara Harrison Visual Communicator and product manager at Elevate Scientific

Cara Harrison

Creative & Project Manager

Cara is responsible for the creative and visual side of our communications projects, developing and delivering high-end trainings, and managing internal and external communications and development projects. She has an MA in Visual Culture at Lund University and has previously held administrative positions in the medical field and at the Research School of Chemistry at The Australian National University.

Cara is passionate about all things creative, visual communications and getting things done.

“I love being able to develop creative solutions for clients by working at the intersection of science, art, design, and communication. It is always challenging and exciting!”

Nellie Linander

Training Product Manager

Nellie is responsible for developing and managing Elevate’s training portfolio, developing new trainings and delivering live trainings in Scandinavia and beyond. Nellie has a PhD in Biology from Lund University and has a wealth of experience in science outreach and engagement with diverse audiences, for which she has also received accolades.

Nellie has a burning interest in all things related to science communications, as well as environmental and animal issues.

“I’m passionate about helping scientists to effectively communicate the importance and essence of their research so that it can have an impact beyond university walls.”

External team

We work with world-class science writers, editors, designers and multimedia producers from around the globe. These professionals are handpicked for their diverse backgrounds in scientific publishing, medical communication, academia, consumer media and public relations. What unites them is their ability to understand, synthesize and communicate complex scientific concepts clearly, accurately and in an engaging way. 

Working with us

Are you an excellent science communicator? Do you have a burning passion for science and enacting societal change with it? Are you able to quickly grasp complex concepts and craft and adapt scientific stories to different media and audiences? If you think you have what it takes, drop us a line and tell us a little bit about yourself. We’re always on the lookout for talented people, be it for joining our in-house team or our team-at-large.

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