We are very excited to announce that Nellie Linander will join our team from 1 September. In her role as Training Product Manager, Nellie will be responsible for Elevate’s training portfolio, drive its ongoing development and management, develop new trainings, and deliver trainings to diverse audiences in Scandinavia and beyond.

Nellie comes to us with extensive academic and outreach experience that will complement and further strengthen our team. She recently received her PhD in biology from Lund University, where she spent the better part of her research studying visually mediated flight control in bumblebees. Before embarking on her doctoral studies, Nellie completed an MSc in Biology, focusing on applied ethology and animal biology.

Nellie is passionate about everything related to science communications, as well as environmental and animal issues. She has ample experience of engaging with diverse audiences in diverse settings. For example, she has participated in a multitude of science slams and won many accolades, including first places at Almedalen (an annual, week-long political jamboree) and the Science Grand Prix competition. To help other researchers reach out with their science, she has held several workshops on presentation techniques.

She has also engaged with audiences outside academia. For example, she has been a high school teacher in biology and worked as a guide and animal caretaker at Kolmården Wildlife Park. In her role as environmental communicator for Svalorna (a non-governmental environmental organization in Sweden), she was responsible for communicating issues related to global justice, the environment and climate to school children.

We look forward to having Nellie on board!