Science, media and opinion

We discuss the role of media in bridging science and society, and how to frame, pitch and write news stories, press releases, lay summaries and opinion pieces.

Format: 1) live or online workshop, 2) webinars with excerpts from the material below.

1. Frame and story

A top-level view of how to frame and plan communication:
• Understanding the audience; impact and impact pathways
• Frames as cognitive and communication devices
• Tools to develop stories, critiques or recommendations

2. All about media

A focus on the role of media in effecting change:
• Media and society
• Scientific and media cultures
• News and opinion

3a. Writing press releases

Techniques for structuring and writing press releases:
• Identifying the bottom-line
• Structuring engaging but accurate press releases
• Using graphics

Elevate delivered an excellent workshop to a diverse audience of sustainability researchers wishing to improve their press release writing skills.

ResearcherFuture Earth, Norway

3b. Writing opinion pieces

Focus on the mechanics of planning, writing and pitching opinion pieces:
Agenda setting: what it is, and why and how to set it
Planning: rationale, audience, content, channel
Content: framing, structure (title, stand-first, beginning, middle, end), rhetoric and style
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