We help plan and produce effective science-communication solutions that make an impact on your target audiences. We also provide individualized coaching to help you prepare for important grant-related interviews or scientific presentations.


Editorial and/or creative concepts adapted to any guidelines and the target audience.

Feedback and editing

Detailed feedback on content and presentation; substantive editing to improve the overall narrative, structure and flow; and copy editing to improve language, clarity and consistency.


Developing graphical profiles and illustrations; layout of text and graphics; and proofreading and print production.


For presentations, individualized coaching to support a confident and dynamic delivery.

“Elevate Scientific worked with us to develop a key document, thanks to which we successfully passed a precedential midterm review and secured a highly competitive core funding from the top Danish research-oriented foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation.”

Prof. Jiri Lukas, Executive Director, the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research


Self-evaluations, annual reports, strategy documents


Conference talks, funding interviews, coaching for interviews
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