How to write successful grant applications

In this three-module, interactive workshop we present strategies for planning, writing and editing grant applications to maximize the chances of a favourable review. We combine a rigorous approach to framing and planning of research projects with effective tools for communicating novelty, significance, feasibility and impact.

Format: live or webinar-based workshop.

1. Planning

Understanding the funder and framing the research:
• Writing for different funders
• Evaluation process and criteria
• Defining scope and context
• Identifying ground-breaking and high-risk/high-gain research opportunities
• Mapping out impact pathways

2. Writing

A step-by-step approach to crafting the key sections in grant proposals:
• Developing the grant-application story
• Defining the purpose, general and specific gaps, goals/aims
• Background/State-of-the-art/Survey of the field
• Project description/Research plan/Strategy
• Significance/Impact
• Collaborations/resources/synergies

3. Editing

Psycholinguistics-based techniques for writing with structure and flow:
• Overcoming the ‘curse of knowledge’
• Adapting the language to the audience
• Creating a coherent narrative at the paragraph and section levels
• Achieving sentence-level flow

I wish I’d had this workshop before I wrote my first grant. Having a clear structure in mind could have saved me a lot of agony! I feel more confident conveying my ideas convincingly now.

K. Nicholas, Associate ProfessorLund University

Very well structured presentation and material! Great motivation for the grant process!

Postdoctoral researcherLund University

This workshop is a must if you want concrete guidance on how to write a good grant proposal.

Postdoctoral researcherLund University

Knowledgeable speaker who has presented in a very clear way and professional manner.

J. Plette, EU Grant ManagerChalmers University of Technology

Best workshop of my academic career!

Örebro University


We are very familiar with the guidelines and evaluation criteria of many national, EU and private funders, and can adapt the workshop to focus on specific funders.

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