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Grant applications

We support you in developing grant applications that have a maximum chance of success. At present, we can handle assignments within life science/biomedical science, and the fields of climate/environmental change and sustainability.
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Framing and feedback

We provide feedback on your application and help you frame your research within a big-picture context. This enables reviewers to more clearly gauge the novelty, feasibility, significance and anticipated impact of your proposed work. We can also help guide your writing by developing a detailed editorial specification based on the funder’s guidelines and other relevant material.


We edit your application in depth to sharpen its narrative and improve its structure and flow. This substantive editing may also involve reorganization, suggesting where new writing is needed and condensing into brief summaries.

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Case studies

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Securing funding for interdisciplinary research centre

4th September 2017

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Application for funding from the European Research Council

4th September 2017

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