Grant applications

We help you to frame and develop grant applications that have a maximum chance of success.

Framing and editorial specification

We help you frame your proposed research so that reviewers can more clearly gauge its novelty, significance, ground-breaking and high-risk/high-gain nature (where applicable), and feasibility.

Editorial assessment and feedback

We provide detailed feedback on your application's content and writing. Specifically, we advise on whether the application:
• has a strong clear focus
• is well-structured and coherent
• provides adequate context
• is adapted to the funder's evaluation criteria

Our clients typically choose a combination of editorial assessment and substantive editing (see below).


Substantive editing

We edit your article in depth to sharpen its narrative and improve its overall structure and flow. Specifically, we:
• improve readability, remove repetition
• introduce or revise headings and subheadings
• identify gaps and suggest additional text and display items
• condense text into summaries (for example an abstract)

Our clients typically choose a combination of editorial assessment (see above) and substantive editing.

Types of grants

We can handle applications that range from short and focused ones to longer, more complex ones that involve consortia. We can help with applications directed at:
• national funding agencies (e.g., VR, DFG, NIH)
• EU (e.g., ERC, H2020)
• private foundations (e.g., the Knut and Alice Wallenberg and Novo Nordisk foundations)

Medicine and Health area, 2018

Michelle Chew

Professor, Linköping University, Sweden
Research project grant (VR) funded by 1.6 million SEK (approximately 150,000 Euro)

“Elevate Scientific was instrumental in helping us secure this grant. I appreciated the honest feedback, especially in regard to making the rationale and motivation for the work absolutely clear. I am convinced that their editing allowed the reviewers to very quickly put our application in an appropriate context, to precisely understand the question at hand and to understand the novelty and significance of our project. I am convinced that this has played a role for reviewers who have only limited time to go through each application.”

Medicine and Health area, 2018

Johan Rockström

Professor and Director, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Germany
ERC Advanced Grant funded by 2.5 million Euro

“Elevate helped us in preparing a major funding proposal for a five-year, policy-oriented sustainability science research program. They helped us to decide on our focal messages, structure the proposal to support that clear focus, and helped immensely with sharpening the text itself, getting rid of jargon and keeping the narrative flow. The proposal was funded (€2.5M), with very positive review comments.

I would certainly recommend the Elevate team – they have such a strategic perspective on the whole scientific process, with experience and insight that goes well beyond ‘just’ science communication. They helped us see our documents with fresh eyes, a vital process in making the whole proposal a vibrant research plan.”

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