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Using tailored brainstorming processes, we help you create synergies, identify collaborative projects and develop funding strategies.

Developing new research strategies, producing landmark syntheses and fostering collaborations tend to involve individuals with different backgrounds and strengths. Reconciling differences, agreeing on shared agendas and generating fresh perspectives can take up valuable time and resources. Instead of approaching this in a trial-and-error manner, it often helps to have external guidance, coordination and feedback.

We at Elevate can play the role of participant observers to stimulate and facilitate brainstorming and, more importantly, to ensure concrete, actionable outcomes. We tailor our support to suit your specific needs. This often involves identifying, adapting and moderating brainstorming processes to ensure that collectively generated ideas can be shaped into actionable plans and strategies.

Infographic of how Elevate Scientific can help facilitation of members throughout research projects

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