We provided feedback on and substantively edited a research article that was published recently in the prestigious journal Cell.


Our brief

To provide comprehensive editorial support for a research article that was to be submitted to the journal Cell.


Prof. Guillermo Montoya, the senior author, liaised with us regarding the paper that had Dr Stefano Stella as the first author. Prof. Montoya is Group Leader and Research Director, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen.

What we did

Editorial feedback and guidance; substantive editing


The revised version of the article was reviewed favourably and published in Cell.

Guillermo contacted us to request editorial support for an article that he was senior author on and was planning to submit to Cell. The article, that had Stefano Stella as the first author, was about the structural landscape of Cas12a in the intermediate state as investigated by state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy. Accordingly, we provided a combination of two services, Editorial assessment and Substantive editing.

As part of the assessment, we provided a comprehensive report outlining our feedback on the article’s content and presentation, as well as its suitability for the target journal. There was no doubt about the novelty and significance of the findings. But we advised on how the central message could be emphasized and made more accessible and how a coherent, well organized narrative could be chosen from among the many possible ones. We also suggested what could be done to provide a stronger rationale for the work, clearly state significance of the findings and present more effectively the evidence for all the claims.

As part of the editing, we helped sharpen the article’s narrative and improve its overall structure and flow. Specifically, our edits helped improved readability and removed repetition, and we also helped identify gaps and suggested additions as appropriate. Text was reorganized and condensed, and headings/subheadings introduced or revised, as necessary.

The revised version of the article underwent successful review and was published in Cell.

How the project was received

“Sometimes, when I write a manuscript, I am so deep into the topic that I can miss perspective. Elevate provide the perspective of an editor. Because they have not been involved in the study, their comments allow me to gauge how a non-specialist can or cannot follow the story. I would certainly recommend Elevate Scientific: their professionalism and their ability to help express some of the ideas are a great extra and improve how our work is conveyed. If people understand what you are talking about, they usually tend to value the work more.”

Guillermo Montoya, Professor and Research Director, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen