As 2018 comes to a close we are proud to look back at another exciting and productive year.

Another year has gone by. As is the case with this time of the year, it’s hectic. It’s easy to rush off towards the next year and new challenges, but it’s always worthwhile to stop, if only for a brief moment, to reflect on what has gone by. And what a year it has been!

Publishing and funding successes

We have continued to offer editorial support to researchers around the world. Our in-depth feedback and editing have contributed to not only the publication of many papers in high-impact journals, but also the funding of grant applications.

We pride ourselves for not being “just another editing company”: instead of simply editing manuscripts and considering the job to be done, we seek to impart our extensive science-communication expertise to the researchers. That is why we go out of our way to explain everything we do, provide informative feedback and queries, and guide researchers through the intricacies of communication so that their science is not only published but also makes a difference.

It takes effort and time, but we are convinced that the best way for ourselves to make an impact is to help researchers help themselves.

Helping researchers help themselves

That is also why we during 2018 continued to develop and deliver our science-communication trainings to a wide range of audiences. From the outset, our philosophy has been to both “do” and “teach”. We constantly reflect on and learn from the breadth and depth of our science-communication and consulting efforts to develop frameworks, strategies and techniques that we can impart to researchers via our workshops. By now, we have trained more than 3000 researchers across the globe.

In addition to further improving our more established trainings on scientific and grant writing, we have taken big strides towards improving our presentation-techniques trainings, which have been very well received in the recent workshops we delivered.

And we have added “coaching sessions” to our trainings portfolio: these sessions are particularly helpful when researchers develop grant applications. They revolve around moderated peer feedback, which benefits from the science-communication frameworks and techniques that we have developed at Elevate. Our proof-of-principle trial was held at the Medical Faculty of Lund University. We delivered three back-to-back coaching sessions to more than 60 researchers that were preparing applications for funding from the Swedish Research Council (VR). These sessions provided us with a lot of positive feedback that confirmed the usefulness and relevance of this format.

Challenging science-communications projects

Our science-communication support goes far beyond editorial support on papers and grants. We frequently handle much larger projects from end to end, offering advice and support on the dimensions of framing, editorial, creative and production. In the past two years, supporting large multi-stakeholder projects, such as self-evaluations, research strategies and large funding applications, has become an important activity at Elevate. These are challenging and exciting projects that utilize our expertise, skills and background to the max.

In 2018, we were proud to have continued our close collaboration with the Novo Nordisk Center (NNF) Center for Protein Research (CPR)  at the University of Copenhagen. We helped Jiri and his team to develop their quinquennial self-evaluation report and strategy document, which highlighted the successes of the centre and paved a path forward. The self-evaluation was a success, and CPR was invited by the NNF to submit an application for funding for the next five-year period, which we are now also helping with. In addition, we are currently supporting  DanStem and other centres in the Copenhagen region with similar self-evaluation and strategy documents.

We especially enjoy facilitating the generation of new ideas, strategies and synergies that create a whole that is larger than the sum of its parts’. We are excited that two such efforts last year have borne fruit in 2018. We helped the NNF Center for Basic Metabolic Research and the Center for Healthy Aging (both in Copenhagen) to develop key funding applications, which were funded this year to the tune of 700 MDKK and 78 MDKK, respectively.

Working for and with stellar people

We are proud to have forged close relationships with you, our clients. We are grateful for the opportunities you provide us with, not only from a business point of view but also from the perspective of development: we learn from every one of you, just as we hope that you learn from us. And we are encouraged by the high fraction of “repeat business” and word-of-mouth recommendations we get. Thank you!

None of our activities would be possible without the involvement of driven and passionate people, namely our dedicated internal and external team. Thank you to all who have contributed to making 2018 another successful year for Elevate!

Last, but not least, 2018 has witnessed the expansion of our internal team by a fourth member. Nellie Linander joined Elevate some months ago, and we are very excited to have her on-board! Nellie has already hit the ground running and will contribute to writing the next chapter in Elevate’s history – 2019 has some very exciting developments in store, and we can’t wait to share these with you.

Until then we wish you a fantastic holiday season and a splendid start to 2019!

Dan and the Elevate team

Elevate Team